Hello awesome friends,  plezd to meet you.  You all are special, always know this. I have faith in you all.

When you are having one of those days.  Know, you can change the out come of that situation, by just excusing

yourself from that situation.  Friendship is respecting yourself and who ever you are with.  Listening when need

be etc.  Caring about your self, also.  Is important.  When you love yourself.. then that reflects on others around

you.  If you have issues/.. talk to someone “fast”, no matter how.. phone, in person,…  just start talking.

Always be around positive people.  Who will bring the best out of you.  If you make fumbles.. admit them and

do damage control.. and learn from them.. suggestion.

Also… suggestion:  have family and friends fun day.. with potluck meals,.   Always be good to your surroundings

and yourself.  Laugh if need be.  Cry if need be.  You are human, with feelings.  You have a right to hurt.  If some

hurts you mentally or physically.. either through.. joking, patting, slapping, talking, hitting, sexual remarks you are not

comfortable with,… if you are not comfortable with your surroundings.. never feel you have to be comfortable

or if you feel strange.  Get out of the situation.. be best way you can.  If your surrounding is in a nice way and still

uncomfortable.. never accept it.  Get away from it.  Start talking. That is still mental/verbal abuse.  Done dysfunctional.

Know how you are to be treated.  If your surroundings is not listening.. make them listen.. by getting out of the situation,.

And, look sad/.  And, start talking.  Don’t tolerate that, please.

Suggestion:  dress how you feel with pride and your inner beauty reflecting it.  Same with your hair.

If you are troubled.. start talking “fast”.  You “always” deserve happiness :D.

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