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Making friends is fun when you are at you are feeling your best, going for a walk and saying hello to your future friends is cool, church, or gathering say hello and start a conversation with them ask their oppinion? Ask for their cell phone number? Possibly their address and ask if you can come over? Always be around people who care about you. Your family a new friend, your best friends etc? Alway smile a concern reachout to them and start talking. Go to their house straight away if you ever you ever are in a concerning situation please? Never put up with unneccessory issues from anyone?  You matter..

When You Try to Hard to be Humorous

When You Try to Hard to be Humorous.

Hello friends,  when it comes to friendship.  There is nothing better than being with someone who can let your mental hair down.  You can joke with them. Or if things gets hairy in your life. You can discuss matters with.  They always have your back, technically.   And, they never judge you.  They accept you for yourself. And, they respect you.  Friendships have a inner connection.   Friends grow like a beautiful flower.. with plenty of water, sunshine, food, and time. You have yourself a fully grown beautiful flower.

Don’t forget they help motivate you,.  Although they may not agree all the time on what you may say. Friendships always have a way of negotiating on matters.   If you are in a bad mood,  they cheer you up.

They always see the best in you.



When making friends.  Sharing companionship and loyalty is also important.   How far would you go to in reality would you do to show your friendship to someone and still keep your dignity.  With bullying on the rise.  When no is presented in the equation is it respected?

When you are having a challenged day.. thats when they come in handy. Along with breathing in and out frequently of course.

Friends respects one and another.   They have your back when the chips are down.   They make you feel whole.   They represent you just as much as you represent them.   They are super understanding, never raising their voice.

They give the best gifts on your birthdays,.   They key in to your best side.. and they never let you down.