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When you meet a friend. The first word is hello and smile. Then thinking caps start going. Your nicest persona comes out. Smiling consistantly.  Always demo your best karma at all time. Respecting yourself and your new friend.  Speaking clear and in a respectfull tone. Laughter is also recommended.  Possibly offering a bit to eat. Offering your time.  Gettijng phone numbers also if you feel comfortible.  Always feel comfortible. If you don’t find out why carefully. And do what you need to do to feel comfortible.

“proud to be an American”

“proud to be an American”.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD…, his foto here in… Pinback Button from Zazzle.com

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD…, his foto here in… Pinback Button from Zazzle.com.


When making friends.  Sharing companionship and loyalty is also important.   How far would you go to in reality would you do to show your friendship to someone and still keep your dignity.  With bullying on the rise.  When no is presented in the equation is it respected?

When you are having a challenged day.. thats when they come in handy. Along with breathing in and out frequently of course.

Friends respects one and another.   They have your back when the chips are down.   They make you feel whole.   They represent you just as much as you represent them.   They are super understanding, never raising their voice.

They give the best gifts on your birthdays,.   They key in to your best side.. and they never let you down.