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When The Weather Suddenly Changes From Warm to Freezing

When The Weather Suddenly Changes From Warm to Freezing | Quazen.

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Hello Friends,  Pleased to meet you..

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never feel like you had to be perfect meaning there was no such thing as obesity, growing old, or finding out you have a long term illness (physical or mental).  Or there was no such thing as breast cancer or any type of cancer.  There was no such thing as rape, incest, swearing, cursing, dysfunctional situations.  Every one got along, There was no such thing as arguments, divorce, separations,  bio-polar-disorder, disabilities,  losing your hair,.   Or all nations all over the world got along.  There was no such thing as wars.  Streets were clean, there was no garage in parking lots, lawns,.

Every where you turned there was harmony, respect, motivational things, .

There was no such thing gangs, violence on tv, movies,.  Or there was no such thing as mental or physical abuse.

Wouldn’t that be “wonderful”?

Spreading the word.. on a peaceful world.  Together we can make a difference..

Getting involved with our local http://www.cancer.org  http://www.cancer.com

http://ww5.komen.org .  If you have cancer of any type they will help you.

If you know anyone in your family or friends who has cancer or you think they may have cancer.  Contact them, and discuss your concerns with that person.  And, research these websites together.

If you are being abused now, get out.  Or if you know someone who is being abused.. help them get out, now.

Both of you deserve a better life.

Suggestion:  contact..  http://www.whitehouse.gov , email your local Representative in your area &  expressing your concerns and suggestions about the world,.  Together we can make a difference.  Creating more motivating movies,.  The type of violence that is on tv and in our movies is horrible in my opinion. The worse part kids in the families usually goes with them, possibly scaring them.  This is not acceptable to me.  Not to mention some of the movies and shows that are on tv.  Not cool again, in my opinion.  Policies needs to be upgraded for tv and movies.  To eliminate such gore.  ALso, when it come to violence such rape, etc,  stronger policies in that as well.  That it never to be tolerated.  If you know some one who is abused.. mentally or physically get help for them immediately.  If you are being abused, get out now.  And, get out now.  Get help.. you are a victim.  Also, getting with your neighborhood, Firestation, etc.. to create  stronger guidelines to prevent crimes in your area and etc.  Getting the word out that your neighborhood won’t stand for it.

Thank you for check’n out my blog.  Never have an ordinary day.  Be kind to others.  Smile and the world smiles back.

Positive vibes,